What Does It Mean When My Dispute Is in Awaiting Pre-Adjudication Review?

We have now collected the evidence from both parties, which will now be reviewed directly along with the dispute applications by the case handler. This is to ensure that any issue or errors that may be found, can be clarified directly with you if needed, as once the case is with the adjudicator, the case will not be possible to amend.

There is no specific time-frame we can provide you currently due to the fact that these checks must be conducted thoroughly. However, once this stage has been completed, you will be directly notified as this is when your case is then handed over to the adjudicator directly. Until this stage is completed, you will not receive further communication from us regarding the dispute.

Should any issues arise directly during this time, you may be contacted directly by the case handler, and they will endeavour to resolve any and all issues with you before the case is moved forward.