What documents do I need to serve?

On TDS Custodial, once you have registered the deposit and the deposit is shown as ‘Deposit Held’ on your TDS account, TDS will send two automated emails: one to yourself, and one to the tenant(s).

The email to the tenant(s) will inform them that the deposit is registered with TDS Custodial.  The email will enclose a copy of the Deposit Protection Certificate.  There is no legal requirement to send the Deposit Protection Certificate, but we do so for the tenant’s information. They will also receive a separate email with a link to activate their account. 

The email to yourself will contain three pieces of information:

An attachment of the Deposit Protection Certificate

A copy of a template of the Prescribed Information for the protection

A hyperlink direction to our TDS Custodial Scheme Leaflet

Once you have received this email, you will need to serve the customised prescribed information and a copy of our scheme leaflet on the tenant(s).  

On TDS Insured, once you have registered the deposit details, we will require you to download and serve the Prescribed Information for the protection and the TDS Insured Scheme Leaflet. As you hold the money, we offer a self-administered scheme you are able to download a prescribed information template from our website. You do not need to login.

Please visit our website and select ‘Help Centre.’ You will find the Prescribed Information and the ‘What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?’ leaflets for the Insured scheme within the ‘Templates’ section.