What are the initial requirements of TDS?

The law requires that you comply with the initial requirements of your tenancy deposit protection scheme. At TDS our initial requirements are:

  • The Member must enter on the TDS tenancy database all the required details about a deposit if that deposit has not previously been protected.
  • After the Member has entered all the required details relating to a deposit on the TDS tenancy database for the first time the Member does not need to do so again. This Scheme has no initial requirements for Renewed ASTs and/or Statutory Periodic Tenancies if all details about the deposit were entered on the TDS tenancy database at the start of a prior tenancy.
  • Where an AST with a deposit began before 6 April 2007 and is replaced with a Renewed AST or a Statutory Periodic Tenancy after that date, the Member must meet the Scheme’s initial requirements. The deposit is deemed to have been received at the start of the Renewed AST or Statutory Periodic Tenancy, the statutory time limit begins, and all required details of the Deposit must promptly be entered on the TDS tenancy database.